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Benefits of a Certification Scorecard

SDRs love recognition. They love to show off the fruits of their labor, how they beat out their teammates in friendly competition, and how they strive daily to be their best. If they sit in a cube, it's often lined with pictures of them & their teammates, certificates of achievement, flair pins, and annual award plaques. Another feather in their cap is certifications. Being "certified" earns them bragging rights. But, more importantly, it shows achievement in skills that can be measured objectively. Using a scorecard as a tool provides the following benefits:

  • Provides a structure of what proficiency looks like
  • Promotes repetition (practice, practice practice)
  • Increases efficiency
  • Promotes credibility (knowing a skill vs. using a skill)

Certification scorecards are a great tool to provide structure and measure competency across a team. I recently introduced our CX value messaging certification scorecard to ensure our SDR team could deliver a great qualifying call experience that was more than "off the cuff" which often leaves critical details left behind. Don't forget to honor their hard work of becoming certified with something that recognizes their achievement.

I've attached my scorecard here as reference. I hope it is helpful to getting you started with creating your own certifications and/or scorecard.

Scorecard_ Value Conversation.pdf
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