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Gerry Glynn commented on

Best Voices and Resources for Enablement and Onboarding?

Hello All,

I'm starting a new sales enablement role in a global tech company. My main priority will be the initial onboarding and ramp time during a reps tenure.

Who are the best voices/resources I should be tapping into to learn more about building enablement programs and specifically onboarding programs with globally distributed teams?

I've been starting to find some people but I wanted to ask you all as well!

Thanks ahead of time!


Hey Jeff,  I missed your post earlier, but I wanted to jump in!  Over the years I've compiled a ton of content related to enablement and onboarding that I'd be willing to share.  Usually, my 60-90 day plan encompasses these two topics.   There's a mountain of great info out there, but it can be overwhelming of knowing where to start.    Usually the... See more
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