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Bravado for Business

Real talk:

The incremental benefit of any given product will decrease over time. Everyone copies everything.


The real value on the front lines of your organization is YOU. You are the reason business booms. You are what clients buy. Your sales team culture is the difference between a missed or a crushed quota.

At Bravado, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can influence the future of sales in a positive way.

Introducing: Bravado for Business

By enabling sales leaders to put tangible value where it belongs, on client relationships, our aim is to change how sales leaders incentivize their teams. Together we can realize a future where sales professionals are respected, even celebrated.

Bravado for Business helps build the reputation of your sales team one testimonial at a time.

What are the key features?

  • Ability to showcase client testimonials in one co-branded place.

  • A renewable source of valuable B2B marketing content.

  • A way to eventually compensate sellers for feedback, not just deals.

  • Control of what clients and testimonials are showcased.

  • Full SFDC integration (where applicable) to make testimonial requests frictionless.

Why would teams want this?

  • Another proof point for what they offer buyers. Product reviews are short-sighted and not indicative of the overall experience the buyer will have. The difference between and closed and won deal is often your people.

Who is it meant for?

  • Any sales or customer service team who wants to leverage the strength of their reputation and the power of their relationships to drive more business.

What’s the goal?

  • Help ethical sales teams stand out in a crowded B2B software community by showcasing the organization’s culture in a novel way.

How does it benefit the seller and the team?

  • Benefits the seller - helps flatten the bell curve of sales; junior sellers can leverage the relationships of senior team members helping to build their own book of business.

  • Benefits the team - creates an additional proof point for buyers in the outreach process; the incremental value of any given software vs. another will reach a point of diminishing returns - everyone copies each other. Showcasing a great sales culture will eventually be the reason organizations book business.

  • Benefits the industry - client feedback and relationships are now more important than ever and your entire team depends on them. Product reviews don’t cut it any longer. It’s imperative for sales professionals to showcase their integrity and what better way than receiving written confirmation from clients that they’re good people to work with.  

Fun fact/extra feature:

  • For those teams that use Salesforce, our SFDC integration is live! Now remembering to ask for client testimonials is easier than ever. You close a deal, we remind you, your client writes wonderful words about you and the cycle of goodwill begins again.


Think your team could benefit from a Bravado for Business page? Learn more here.

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