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Bravado gets a facelift

Just like the State Farm Arena and Mia Thermopolis, it’s Bravado’s time for a makeover.

We’re very excited to announce the unveiling of our latest project: The Bravado Portfolio!

The shift towards industry-specific communities and displays of work has begun. Engineers have GitHub; designers have Behance and Dribbble; now sales professionals have Bravado.

Building a career as a sales professional is no small feat. Sales teams drive revenue growth and achieve the bottom line for almost every major organization in the country, making it an incredibly important role.

As a testament to the industry we love, we polished up the Bravado profile to be a glowing reflection of your client-facing career.

The building blocks of Bravado are still the same - client logos and testimonials tell the story of your work as a sales professional. Only now, your Bravado Portfolio is simplified and shareable.

Besides the fresh new look we’ve also upgraded a few features:  

  • Privacy toggle: Your client and testimonials cards are the #1 way to showcase your expertise, but we realize this may be sensitive information. Using our privacy controls, you can share your portfolio publicly, or only with relevant prospects and colleagues.

Public/Private Portfolio

Share your portfolio

  • Design forward: Supercharge your client presentations with testimonials from happy customers. A client testimonial slide that includes your Bravado portfolio builds trust with prospects, faster.

  • Visible views: It’s important for people to know about your portfolio, and could mean a booked meeting, closed deal, or promotion! We’ve added a view counter for you to track how many people have seen you on Bravado.


Next time you sign into Bravado, you’ll see your brand new layout and features.

Everyone loves a makeover moment. We hope you love ours.

Tour your Bravado Portfolio

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