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Bravado mentees take a tech trek with local giants

April 5th, 2019 - a day to be remembered at Bravado HQ.

Our first ever Bravado Pitch Competition!

A select group from our first cohort of mentees joined Bravado for informational visits to three powerhouse companies in the Silicon Valley - Salesforce, Slack and G2.

Bravado Mentees at Slack

Bravado Mentees at G2 Crowd

The day was wrapped up with the inaugural Bravado Mentorship Program Pitch Competition.

10 students from Chico State’s Seufferlein Sales Program pitched to a panel of judges of local Bravado members. Each had 3 min to pitch one of two prompts.

  1. Challenge 1: Share how you’ve built trust & relationships in your life.
  2. Challenge 2: Convince your future VP of Marketing why Instagram is a better social network than Snapchat

After some serious deliberation, our esteemed panel of judges selected the top 3 based on:

  1. Content (Creativity, engagement, X-factor)
  2. Presentation (voice, delivery, eye contact, poise, body language)
  3. Technical (execution, structure, organization, clarity)

The winners are:

  1. 1st place: Hayley Weik, Sophomore
  2. 2nd place: Tani Rojas, Senior
  3. 3rd place: Jon Jones, Senior

Bravado Pitch Contest Winners 4/5/2019 with Katherine Buck



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