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Bravado Mentorship Program - Chico State Visits Bravado HQ

Last month we had the privilege to bring mentees from Chico State to Bravado HQ. Hayley Weik, Ryan Brumfield, Sean Rynewicz, Daisy Gomez, Xavier Sanchez, Tani Rojas, Joe Garcia, Jose Herrera, Jon Jones and Sebastian Zevallos made the trek to San Francisco to take part in a pitch contest and to get some hands on experience with sales culture. We put together a little video for you so we can catch you all up — watch below:


(00:00:00) [Ryan] I sit in classrooms learning about the theory of sales, but not necessarily working with people and seeing where sales happens. Being able to do that today was really special.

(00:00:09) [Sahil] How did we get from consultation, trust, need, relationship, value, mutual, communicative, implement, vision to pushy, aggressive, unethical, annoying, self-interested, cold-calling?

(00:00:21) [Ryan] Quotas.

(00:00:22) [Jose] Coming from Chico, 3 hours away. Getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning and then just going rapid fire. Getting introduced at Bravado, going to meet G2, going to the SalesForce Tower and then going to Slack. It’s just been a whirlwind experience, but very insightful.

(00:00:35) [Becc] Find people who will mentor you. Who will not tell you you’re right all the time. And find people who in a gentle way, will tell you that you’re wrong and tell you why.

(00:00:46) [Daisy] My impression about sales has changed because Sahil has mentioned what the stereotype for sales is. I’m not going to lie, but I thought that too before entering the Ambassador Sales Program. Now seeing it’s more than just being pushy or being somebody who is cold-calling.  It’s a profession where we’re satisfying people’s needs.

(00:01:07) [Hayley] What I saw today was that everyone is a team and a family. And they celebrate each other with their wins and they help each other through their losses. Even though, yes, it may be a tough environment to be in. Ultimately, when you’re with good people and in good company, it’s going to be a pleasant experience.

(00:01:24) [Tani] I think by being your true self, it allows people to recognize your authenticity and feel more comfortable with letting their guard down when they’re around you.

(00:01:32)  [Jon] We definitely got a lot of really intimate feedback that’s definitely going to help us with the longevity of our careers.

(00:01:38) [Tani] The most inspiring thing I learned today was probably to never give up on yourself. Even when you’re meeting all these really accomplished people that have done some really amazing things with their life. They all started somewhere and you’re in that spot right now and anything is possible if you really want it.

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