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Bravado Mentorship Programme Chapter 2

How did everyone enjoy Chapter 1 of the Bravado Programme? As a refresher, the Bravado Team produced the six-part video series Programme to help guide your 1:1 sessions with your mentor/mentee. In Chapter 1, we invited sales experts in our network to share “what makes a great salesperson”.

In Chapter 2, it is time to get AMPED UP about sales! This installment of our Programme is all about our interviewees’ favorite parts of the job, and why sales is such a great place to start a career. 

Description: Titled “For The Love Of Sales,” this video discusses the satisfaction of closing, how sales leaders celebrate wins, travel, and how to start sculpting your future using the foundation of sales. 

Make sure to watch the video before your scheduled 1:1, and come prepared with questions about the topic. “What’s your favorite part of your job?” “What’s the most valuable skill you’ve built from sales?” “What’s the best place you’ve been to on a client trip?” These are just a few ways to get the conversation started! 

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and takeaways with other community members in the comments below.


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