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Bravado Mentorship Programme Chapter 3

Happy New Year, friends! Kicking off 2020 with a newly-produced video - Chapter 3 of the six-part video series Bravado Programme!

After discussing “what makes a great salesperson” in Chapter 1 and the best parts about sales in Chapter 2, we invited a few sales experts to talk about the importance of communication in this chapter. 

Chapter 3 is all about communication. Communication is the number one ingredient for success in sales - with clients, with teammates, and with managers. Because sales is such a collaborative role and industry, it’s wildly important to be transparent with the people around you. This video is where we talk about setting expectations, building trust, and growing your network through strong communication. 

Mentors / Mentees - Make sure to schedule a 1:1 session soon and discuss this video during your chat. 

New community members - Welcome! Please enjoy the content curated for you by Bravado and our partner companies, before getting matched with a mentor / mentee for the February cohort! Feel free to share your thoughts and takeaways with other community members in the comments below.


Bravado Mentorship

Amazing Video! 
Last point was the most freeing one IMHO...You must be able to walk away from any deal, and your manager has to give that authority to you to make that call for whatever reason. When you have this freedom the game changes, the conversation changes, the reasons "Why" change! It's vital
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