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Bravado Mentorship Programme Chapter 5

Hi Fall Cohort Mentors and Mentees,


Hope you are doing well and staying safe!


Time flies, it’s already your 5th month with the mentorship program. For this month, we prepared Chapter 5 of the six-part video series Bravado Programme!


Chapter 5 is an extension of our broader Sell Well™ initiative, which prioritizes mental, physical, and emotional wellness in a high-pressure career. Sales professionals are constantly ON: Calls, emails, demos, events, and conferences are all constantly demanding aspects of the job. That’s why we interviewed our mentorship experts to find out how they stay grounded while balancing busy careers, because ultimately, if you take care of your entire self, you will be a stronger performer at work. We hope you enjoy this Sell Well™ wisdom, especially at tough times like this!


Fall Cohort mentors / mentees - a friendly reminder to schedule a 1:1 session soon and discuss this video during your chat. Share your thoughts and takeaways with other community members in the comments below!


Mentorship Community members - as always, if you need help with anything, have questions or concerns, or just feel like hangin’ out virtually, we're here for ya! Feel free to email anytime or connect with your fellow members in this community.


Stay well!

Bravado Mentorship

this is great!
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