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Bravado + Slack … better than milk + cookies

With the new Bravado + Slack integration, buyers who are viewing your testimonials and clients can now message you directly.

But more than that, you can use your Bravado Profile as a “landing page” for prospects that are currently in process. This way they are exposed to the positive feedback from your current and previous clients and they have a fast, easy way to get a hold of you.

No more clicking “refresh” and waiting for buyers to respond to emails!

You can also:

  • Keep buyers engaged
  • Answer questions faster
  • Shorten your sales cycle

We’re sure you have some questions so below are the basics of why, how, and when to use the Bravado + Slack integration:



Why should I use Bravado + Slack integration?

  • Give your prospects a way to stay in touch post-demo
  • Create an additional efficient touchpoint for you to stay connected with your buyer (that isn’t as intrusive as SMS)
  • Instead of waiting to communicate via email with buyers in your funnel, use Bravado to expedite deal cycle
  • Exposing your prospects to your clients and testimonials increases your credibility, which leads to a faster deal cycle

When do I use this integration?

  • This integration is meant to help you post-demo during the sales process and post-sale to maintain your relationships with your buyers

What is Bravado + Slack used for?

  • Bravado + Slack is a post-demo communication channel to interact with live prospects in the buying funnel
  • 1:1 communications will expedite deal cycles that might otherwise be slower on email

How do I use this integration?

  • Share your Bravado Profile with your prospects post-demo
  • Allow buyers to interact with you on a 1:1 basis during the buying process as well as post-sale

How do I get connected?

  • Simply enable the feature directly from your Bravado Profile, connect to a Slack channel with your existing account, and voila!

Let us know if you have any other questions we might not have answered here.


Team Bravado

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