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Bravado Survey: Meditation, Yoga, or Sweat?

I woke up 3 weeks ago feeling like crap. After a quick Corona-panic, I realized the cause: I had taken (count them) 459 steps the day before.


Turns out that WFQ (work from quarantine, obvi!) can add a real challenge when it comes to getting your body moving.

Since then, Bravado has launched Wellness Wednesdays! Our Chief Yoga Officer, Amy Young, has been posting weekly workouts in the Water Cooler. You can find the entire playlist here:

Now, we'd like to hear from you! If we were to host live weekly workouts on Bravado, which of these would you be most interested in?

We all know that being excellent at sales requires peak mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It's our goal to support you in getting there - so let us know how to best do that!

Stay safe and healthy friends!


If Bravado hosted free, live workout classes for members - which of these appeals to you the most?
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Meant to say meditation lol!
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