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Build Up Your Communities

Hey, I’m really interested to learn more! (Inbound Lead)

*books time on providers calendar* and then never shows up, cancels, asks to reschedule or just ghosts them for the rest of their literal life.

Honestly, if you’re in sales, this shouldn’t really bother you - ever.

But it should make you feel something for the other person.

You see, it might be your job to accommodate someone asking for more information about your services.

But it’s your duty to give a sh*t about the person that is asking.

When they ghost you or do one of the many things I listed... have empathy, get rid of your expectations, and just serve them.

So many in sales want some kind of script or formula that will help them overcome this issue.

You can’t.

Because it’s not your issue to fix, it’s theres.

You can only continue to encourage them.

Here’s an email for you:

“No worries on missing our meetup. Real quick, I just want you to know I fully support you and any decision you make. I’m here if you need me, as a servant, as a business friend, but don’t feel obligated - if you were reaching out based on ‘a feeling’ you got and you’ve now had second thoughts, I understand. I will be thinking about and rooting for your success regardless.”

Build up your communities.

#ChangeTheGame #B2BSales

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