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Building a Diverse Team - Step 1: Diversity Debt

Part 2 was never posted... but this may be an opportunity to post it!

How to build a diverse team: An honest, transparent, and tactical step by step guide. 🥳

As promised, I will be transparently sharing the exact process we used at Bravado to radically improve the diversity of our team from 2017-2020:

Step 1: Diversity Debt

When building something from scratch, be it a

#sales team or a company, the first step is to quickly solve the basics:


Problem - What is the exact user problem that we solve?

Validation - Does our product actually solve this problem?

Fundraising - Can we get funding to solve this problem?


We had limited resources and an unvalidated hypothesis, so we focused on short-term problems:

- I need cofounders for the long journey ahead.

- We need an engineer to code the product.

- We need a designer to make that product usable.

- We need support folks to help users learn the product.

And in the blink of an eye, we accidentally amassed what I'd term Diversity Debt. If you're familiar with the term Technical Debt in Engineering, concept is the same:

Sacrifice speed for quality.

Dec 31, 2017: A poor start to diversity with our first 9 employees:


- 6/9 minorities

- 2/9 Hispanic


- 1/9 female

- 0/9 black

Then in 2018, I accidentally made the problem worse...





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