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"But you don't *look* like a Chaniqua"

"But you don't *look* like a Chaniqua"

"Your husband is White?! I thought he was Black because you said he didn't have a job"

" Uh oh, don't make Nikki mad or she's gonna go all ghetto on us"

" You're the prettiest *Black* girl I've ever met."

"So do you like... wash your hair or...?"

" You've never heard this (pop radio rap) song!?"

" But you don't talk like a Black girl."

"You remind me of my ( random black associate to whom I bear no resemblance) friend from college."

" Yeah but you're not really Black, though. I mean. this girl was like BLACK Black."

"You went to COLLEGE!? Wow. Good for you!"

" I'm not typically attracted to Black girls, but you're hot."

This is just a short list of the microaggressions I've experienced in just the past 3 years


In THIS industry

At the hands of THESE people who you still aren't sure I should be calling out so aggressively.

#B2B tech culture has a problem

#Sales culture has a problem

#America has a problem

And that problem is NOT Black women

It is NOT a lack of qualified Black candidates

It is NOT me being too sensitive

The problem is white supremacy and systemic racism.

The problem is we celebrate and invest in innovation and change in this country EXCEPT when it comes to race and inequality.

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