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Stop dumbing down your sales walk

Calling on a list of people that you don’t know, at companies you haven’t done research on, at record speeds to get through your 200 dials today...

Is an outdated approach to sales outreach.

It’s the year 2020.

Welcome to the future!

We have endless amounts of information at our fingertips.

We have tools that make it so much easier to understand who our prospect is.

We have the ability to be intentional with our sales walk.

Yet we turn a blind eye to it all.

We continue to resort to a “numbers game.”

And we continue to subscribe to the saying as well.

“Sales is a numbers game.”

News flash, it’s a numbers game because you cannot dare mighty things.

Instead you continue to be bound by the shackle which the sales world created.

Here's the truth:

It’s a numbers game because you can’t force a buyers timeline!

Because people are busy and not waiting on bended knee to buy from you!

So you aimlessly call seeking a weak moment, for lady-luck to favor you, or for some poor soul that is too nice to hang-up to book that appointment you need.

Molding the stereotypes around salespeople for the next generation.

They are lies!

Salespeople have the potential to change lives, build legacies, and mold communities.

Stop dumbing down your sales walk.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B #Sales

February 2019....I am "playing the numbers" game and making 200-400 dials per week...shockingly with terrible results as I was trying to call in to top decision makers of Fortune 500 companies.  My odds would be better if I played the lottery.

March 2019 - I see Dale Dupree spitting truth on a Sales Hacker webinar.

April 2019 - Dale agrees to coach m...
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