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Can I give you a little hint on how to boost your video message views?

You have to sell the prospect on WHY they should watch.

Video isn't so novel anymore that just sending the video is enough.

I get a lot of 'hey KD I made you this video, check it out'

Um why should I?

Sell me on why I should watch it.

You have something interesting to say?

Did you learn something about my team/world?

Do you have a tip that I can implement today to improve results?

Like why should I watch it.

Sell. The. Click.

Build curiosity.

WIIFM - It can be over played sometimes, but when it comes to a video, literally what's in it for me? What is in the video that I should care about?

Tell me where I can skip to in the video for the good stuff.

What is the good stuff?

Is there any good stuff?

This is the key to getting more views on your videos.

In order to get me to watch it.

Tell me why...

Aint nothing but a heartache.

Tell me why...

PS - Only some of you will get it, but once you do it'll be stuck in your head for the next 2 hours.

It's stuck...

You're right, we do need to sell ourselves before we can ask anyone to click on a video WE want them to watch in order to get a meeting. 
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