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Changing the name of the game

Hi everyone! Was a rep at two different startups (one in Hong Kong and one in Austin) both selling to mid-market/enterprise and now am responsible for sales enablement at my current company.

Looking to change the name (and reputation) of sales folks (which is why I wanted to go into training for sales). Getting the right tools and right message at the right time. Currently based in DC - but excited to connect virtually.

Happy to chat on:

-- Getting first sales gig

-- Navigating relationships with AE's (this was tough for me at first)

-- Imposter syndrome

--Sales tools (pretty familiar with them all)

--Transitioning from sales to product marketing/sales enablement roles

--Optimizing win rate, open rate, demo hold rate -- anything in the funnel

Been sales hire #1 and #101 so got a good taste. Been through acquisitions, full cycle sales, SDR/BDR work, and even got the fun chance to design a sales practice from scratch for an early stage company.

Hey Farhan - would love to connect with you on LinkedIn as well as here. I'm with a company in the AI 4 Sales business bringing tools, data and tech stack to help sales reps/team drastically increase their sales activity rates generating more conversations and drive top of funnel. 

Just introduced a new service call SocialFlow that leverages social ...
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