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Choose your mentors carefully.

They can have a lasting impact on your choices, perspective, and life.

It's critical that they be the sort of people that you truly admire -- not just for their work, but for how they live.

- Are they always negative and complaining or do their optimism and positivity dominate?

- Do they regularly empower you and remind you that you're capable of more or do they repeatedly remind you of what's NOT possible?

- Do they have the kind of relationships, family, and friendships you admire, or do they seem alone in the midst of their success?

Just because they are further along in their journey, viewed as a leader by others, or have a certain influence, doesn't mean you want their advice.

Find the people living a life you truly admire -- the impact, the energy, the success.

Not just the people who have achieved success or influence in one area.

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