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Coaching Remote Sales Teams with Antti Taskila - #SecretToSales

After one year apart, I finally reconnected with my fantastic Finnish friend, Antti Taskila, to find out about how his career has progressed since Dreamforce 2018.

As the Senior Director of Sales at MuleSoft, Antti has spent the last year scaling up his sales team and has some advice for sales managers shifting from a localized sales team to a remote sales team.

“When you’re remote… you have to put even more emphasis on the relationship and the trust, because if you do not have that, the door is closed for effective coaching.” - Antti Taskila

What tips do you have for managing a remote sales team or a sales team working from home?
Make sure your 1:1’s are on the calendar and make sure you turn video on. Do not cancel or reschedule these meetings. 
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