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Cold-Calling a Nursing Home

Once upon a time...

It was a cold winter morning (55°😂) on the coast of FL. I had the windows cracked, the music turned up, and I was hungry for some cold calling.

I was driving down a major highway and decided to get off at an exit and drive away from the city.

Just to see... 

There was nothing there according to the list inside my CRM.

It looked as if I had found mostly mechanics and hair salons, which made sense as to why I had no listings or data for that area.

I pulled out my maps app on my phone, scouted a few of the upcoming side streets and noticed that there seemed to be a dead end road without any homes on it.

So, I ventured down it.

About 2 miles in and I can see the end, “oh well” - I thought, when suddenly to the right emerging from behind the trees was a big old building.

I pulled in, parked, walked up to the front and realized I was at a nursing home. Prime candidate for some copiers!

I walk up to the receptionist and said “just coming to get checked in... early, I know, but it’s necessary...” she laughed, took my card (one of my pattern interrupts) and said, “we need a copier so badly!”

Turns out, nobody had ever cold-called on these folks like I did. Couple phone calls but no real substance.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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