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College bouncer at a bar entrance checks...

College bouncer at a bar entrance checks your fake I.D.

Then looks up at you 🧐

What’s your name?

I’m Nick Papagiorgio.

Bouncer looks back down at the picture on the ID

Then back up at you 🧐

Then hands you back your ID...

There’s a natural tendency to freeze for a moment like you’re waiting for another question.

But then you realize all you have to do is keep moving forward and walk in.

If you stand there waiting for more questions - you will get grilled with more questions.

There’s the same natural tendency for salespeople when answering objections.

Some get caught waiting for the next question or waiting to see how the buyer reacts to their response.

Almost wondering if they passed the test.

Just answer the question, address the objection and keep the convo moving forward.
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