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What have you discussed with your mentor / mentee?

Hello Spring Cohort participants,

We’d love to hear about your experience so far! Creating a thread for you to share 1-2 things you’ve discussed with or learned from your mentor / mentee -- feel free to give them a shoutout!

Nancy Zhu
Business Operations at Bravado
Heather Williams
Managing Director at Strategic Dynamics
My mentee and I have been having weekly calls since this started.  We have been discussing leadership plans and also how to deal with a challenging manager.  It is a weekly call that I look forward too.
about 1 month ago
Meeta Palan McDonald
Founder & VP Business Development at Arden Home & Living
My mentor (Julia Andrews) and I have gone over a myriad of topics involving buyer personas, how to run a successful and profitable entrepreneurship venture, and so on! It has been delightful and she is extremely talented and knows the answers to all types of questions I posed for her. We had a set schedule for 90 days with bi-weekly zoom calls, a t... See more
28 days ago
Julia Andrews
CEO / Founder at Connect2Close™
Meeta, mentoring was such a wonderful and rewarding experience beyond what I had envisioned. I am excited to continue to support mentees and make a difference in their sales journeys and elevate our profession as a whole. Friendships as definitely being forged here. Thanks Bravado for offering this platform!!
26 days ago
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