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Excited to be Part of the Bravado Community

What a great gem to find in Bravado! Was listening to a great podcast that everyone should listen to called Predictable Revenue podcast. It's the work of Aaron Ross and one of the few sales podcasts I listen to.

I have been in business since the IBM Selectric was considered hi-tech! And I have been in sales or sales management ever since. That includes sales for companies I owned, sales for companies I helped grow and even sales training in LinkedIn groups, etc. Sales is the best job in the business world because you have instant measurement and response! Can be a curse...

I'm hoping I can help this community grow, become deeper and a place where we all learn. Because learning is always a must in sales. If you think you know it all you'll soon find out that's not the case.

I hoping also to shamelessly promote the start-up I am working with now as Managing Director | Sales Architect because we provide Pipeline as a Service. Our mission is simple - “We help sales professionals and organizations increase revenue by improving the only two things that matter in sales – frequency and competency.” 

ScaleX.AI has pioneered an approach to help companies supercharge their sales activity and pipeline. Using our AI-powered technology stack our clients are seeing an increase in their daily sales activities of 6 to 10x their normal activity rate. Maybe we can help you...

Looking forward to sharing, learning, growing and enjoying Bravado!

Robert M. Gravely
Managing Director, Sales Architect at
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