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An email framework that actually works

Best formula I've found for email prospecting (including video scripting), consistently beating avg open, click, and positive response rates by big chunks.

KDFIC - and the KD at the start is truly incidental. Here's what it stands for.

Know. Did. Found. Impact. Call to Action.

  • Know - Here's what you know about them/their business in terms of a problem you solve. Do. Your. Research.
  • Did - What did you do because you learned this problem? What did you do to learn about this problem?
  • Found - What have you found out so far in terms how how they are trying to solve that problem. Or found out what they are NOT doing that they should be.
  • Impact - What is the Impact of what they are or aren't doing the right way (not the impact of your product, the impact of them staying the same)
  • Call to Action - What do you want them do to? Respond? Watch a Video. Talk to someone internally? - Give 1 clear call to action at the end.

Go write some better emails and book more meetings!

You're welcome.

Kevin Dorsey
Inside Sales Top 10 Sales Leader at PatientPop
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