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I'm an expert in K-12 technology, hardware, software & services sales. Let me know if you have any questions. We transact with 2,500+ US K-12 customers every year, ranging from the NYC DOE (1.2M students) to Toronto DSB (250k students) to districts and schools with less than 100 students. I'd be happy to share my expertise and to help refine your K-12 sales process, speed your sales cycle, etc.

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Josh Ellars
Founder at Patri
This is great, Ben! So glad to have you in the community and looking forward to having you share your expertise! 
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2 months ago
Tj Saunders
Sales Engineer - Commercial Account Executive at WiLine Networks
Hi Ben, I'm a Sales Engineer / Commercial AE for an Enterprise DIA provider. We are building redundant 10Gbps mesh networks in major metros, and often act as a compliment to fiber. I'm looking to learn more about how K-12 Schools choose select their ISP's, purchasing process/timing, patterns in network design, and typically who the DM's are. Thanks...See more
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2 months ago
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