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Work From Home Giveaway

Work From Home Giveaway

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Photos from the Work From Home Giveaway! Winner will be picked on Friday March 20th at 5pm. And the winner gets….⭐️ A FULL week of free meal...
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Stole my hubby's desk in our bedroom.

Candid photo warning!!

The earthquake got me up earlier than normal so this is my morning office :)

Work From Home Giveaway

Amanda Wallman (McDonald) Here’s my setup!

I don’t have much to share today.

This is why I don’t do video on most of my calls.

Lunch Workouts!

Halfway through the day my husband and I swap couches haha

Slipper socks, tons of tabs open per usual, and left over streamers from the welcome home party for my husband who was at the National Fire Academy last week.

At first I felt an overwhelming sense to clean my work space and that everyone will judge me, but meh

New WFH Office Mate

My new WFH situation has been an adjustment.

Still on maternity leave but as the content strategist for a virtual care company, it’s all hands on deck right now

Being home and doing both mom, teacher and career has been challenging!

Working from home for the next few weeks in my jungle!!

I need the meals!! I’m almost out of Girl Scout cookies

Tiny pirates raiding my house.

Kids toys everywhere! 🤪

Loving my new WFH assistant (Birdie the Cat).

Who says your son's playroom isn't multipurpose?

This is my new normal but to be honest it has been great!

March Madness

My coworker knows how to get work done!!! #workinghard

March Madness

I've been doing most of my work at a desk upstairs...but my team was doing a March Madness bracket competition before everything went wild. I made these huge posters to hang in the office! Before we left the office to work at home, I took them down & now they've taken over my living room! Haha, whatever it takes to keep the competition alive!

Great WFH picture submitted by: Taylor Rudy


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