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#SecretToSales - Season 1

#SecretToSales - Season 1

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In Season 1 of #SecretToSales, Topher Benderson, a recent San Francisco transplant from Barracuda, New Mexico, investigates the B2B tech sal...
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#Water-CoolerFor the Love of Sales! ❤️- #SecretToSales

I took to the mean streets ... and by mean streets, I mean a fancy wine bar in SOMA (South of Market for the non-Bay Area folks) to find out what there is to love about the profession of sales.

In this video, you will find me chatting with top sales professionals such as Lars Nilson, Lynn Crofton, Dailius Wilson, Pavel Reznikov, and Mark Gibson. Each of them sharing what makes sales a fulfilling career.  

Why do you love sales? Is it really everything they say it is?

Topher Benderson
Freelance SDR at Self-Employed
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