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#SecretToSales - Season 1

#SecretToSales - Season 1

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In Season 1 of #SecretToSales, Topher Benderson, a recent San Francisco transplant from Barracuda, New Mexico, investigates the B2B tech sal...
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#Water-CoolerHow do you build relationships with prospective clients? - #SecretToSales

If I have learned one thing since breaking into the SF B2B tech scene, it’s that sales is all about the trust you establish with your prospective customers.

At Dreamforce ‘18, I snuck into a happy hour event teeming with sales legends! I investigated their best-kept secrets of how they spark trust with their customers. Their answers blew my mind.

“You can’t just create trust. It’s not like a bit of pixie dust that comes out of nowhere. You have to lead from the heart.” - Dailius Wilson

How do you spark trust with prospective customers? Let me know in the comments, please.

Topher Benderson
Freelance SDR at Self-Employed
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