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Reflecting on retail

I was consumed this morning by news of department stores' woes in the time of COVID-19. Lord & Taylor's liquidation sales and pending permanent closures are a huge bummer; I LOVE department stores. They remind me of shopping with my mom when I was a kid, sitting in an armchair by the hosiery section reading a Nancy Drew or Boxcar Children book. I think it's where my love of jazz actually came from; a favorite music genre to work to is smooth jazz and it always reminds me of absentmindedly perusing fragrance sections of Macy's.

I embrace that things change and retail was due for a reckoning, but I'm having my moment today. If you would like to join me, and tying it back to sales, might I recommend the following:

Why We Buy -

Lots of lessons from retail when it comes to psychology, customers' motivations, and delight. (And check out, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores!)

Sax & The City -

Upgraded Muzak I can't get enough on when writing emails and reporting. Groove from your laptop into the weekend!

Happy Friday, all <3

Katherine Buck
Head of Growth at Bravado
Brandon Hull
Head of Sales at Fluix
Retail has been hammered over the last five years already. COVID-19 will put the nail in the coffin for several additional brands like this. Neiman Marcus just declared bankruptcy, for instance, but they've been reeling for a few years now, like many others. 

What's most sad about this is all of the companies who have been built upon serving the tra...
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14 days ago
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