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Boutique Recruitment at your service!

Hello all my lovely Sales Ladies!

If anyone requires any assistance in terms of building out their sales or engineering teams, I’d love to help!

Also happy to just connect and chat — after all, talking is what we all do best! ;)

Posted 23 days ago by
Mourad Ben MahmoudOperations / Sales at Btwinz Ventures
Ellis, I have an idea in the sales recruitment space, would love to tell you about it for some feedback. What's the best way to reach out?
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22 days ago

Ellis LeePrincipal & Founder at Elegant Search
Would love to hear about it! Please reach me at
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21 days ago

Lori RichardsonB2B Sales Growth Strategist; Help Company Leaders Build a Better Sales Pipeline at Score More Sales
Hi Ellis - just a note that we have some great male allies in this group as well - not all are "lovely sales ladies". Thanks in advance for being more inclusive in the future. 
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22 days ago

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