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Whiteboard Wednesdays with Becc Holland

Why AEs Shouldn't Determine if a Meeting is Qualified

Seven Types of Calls to Prepare Your SDRs to Become AEs

Why SDR Churn Is So High & What You Can Do About It

Why The Traditional View of ICP Prevents SDRs from Maximizing ROI on MQLs

How to Build a Prospect Friendly Qualifying Process

Passing an appointment from SDR to AE

How to turn SDRs in to AEs

What do you do with postbound leads?

How to Build an Outbound Sequence with Personalization

How to Personalize to Prospects That Aren't Active on LinkedIn

Whiteboard Wednesdays with Becc Holland

Whiteboard Wednesdays with Becc Holland of G2! Watch as we dive in to Postbound Leads, The Qualification Process and 5 Ways to Become an AE

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Becc Holland
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