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Hi Bravado community,

My name is Ruben, senior student at UNCW. I would like to give back to this community since my first day. I am originally from Spain and I have been doing sales there for more than 2 years (Also in Greece).

Nowadays, i am continuing my studies at the U.S. (Almost done with it) and I have learn so many different ways of selling and how cultures influence the purchasing process. I think many people here may ask how Latin Americans, Spaniards or South Europeans do their B2B or B2C purchases. There are many many differences that you may not have realized yet

Feel free to ask. If I can help you with it I will!

Waiting for your questions about business and sales development internationally,


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Sam Schooley
SDR Consultant at Vendition
Thanks, Ruben!  What advice would you give to a US based startup looking to expand to Europe, knowing that GDPR has changed the sales game!
4 months ago
Ruben Bermejo Gil
Senior Student part of the international double degree program (TABSA program) at University of North Carolina Wilmington
Hi Sam. Thanks for the question! So the first advice I would give is that American start ups need to understand is that Europe is not a unified market and the step & strategies to take varies from country to country. Secondly, you should start focusing on a niche market, my suggestion is to take a EU member country with large population (It will ma...See more
4 months ago
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