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SDR Leader won't compensate higher for better quality meetings - please help!

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I had a question from last nights seminar. Your section on paying SDR's on a point system to incentivize booking meetings with higher companies, higher titles specifically - my company HAD that plan then recently took a huge step backwards by making all meetings equal, and they just want us to be meeting pushers and not be involved anymore. (My specific VP has said she wants her team of SDR's to be involved in meetings and the process however).

How do would you address this appropriately and professionally, if at all?

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Becc HollandHead of Sales Development @ at
This is tricky... because it's a management issue. First things first, I'd be careful of EVER slipping into the "Child Ego" state when having a conversation with anyone... whether that's your manager, significant other, or a prospect.  An example of this in this context, is trying to change something by telling your manager that "it's not fair" o...See more
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4 months ago

Micah Zayner 🚀Senior BDR at LaunchDarkly
I'm currently dealing with this. I have built out 2.2 mil in pipeline. 500k will have closed by september and I get equal opp compensation regardless of quality. In fact my comp goes down because my variable doesnt change and my quota goes up. What do I do?
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4 months ago

Sahil MansuriCEO at Bravado
+1 to Becc's comment - and I'm also happy to be a resource for any SDRs facing this challenge. Having run sales teams at Glassdoor, Virool, and a number of other tech companies, along with seeing what over 1,000+ sales teams do on Bravado ... I've seen a lot of versions of comp plans that mistakenly incentivize the wrong behavior. It's so much be...See more
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4 months ago

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