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Weekly Poll: How much of Thanksgiving Week should a sales team take off?


  • It's end of year approaching fast, so every minute is precious...
  • BUT, family + work/life balance are critical to long-term retention

Here's some possibilities:

  1. Make the entire week WFH, expect that people will work 50%
  2. Make Wednesday WFH only
  3. Have team come in on Friday after Thanksgiving, because EOY!


Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Sam Schooley
SDR Consultant at Vendition
Option 1.

Your PTO is your PTO.  If you need to work the week of Thanksgivng, do so.  But be allowed to WFH, the same way your prospects most likely will!
7 months ago
Greg Steward
Business Development Director at Sales Readiness Group
I think work from home is great that week, especially for those who travel for the holiday. Time not worked should be considered PTO as always.

Side kudos to my company who gives Friday as a bonus holiday! 
7 months ago
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