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What are your stats re: local dialer?

When the big tools first came out with this feature-both as a rep and a manager I LOVED it.

However, at this point (three years down the line), if I receive a call from a local number (I live outside of my area code), I know it's a salesperson.

Everyone from "back home" is already saved in my phone.... so it's a big clue to me that a sales rep is reaching out.

Understanding my bias (I live in a big relocation city/Millenial with different phone habits), does anyone have recent stats in regards to using a local dialer?

AKA -- pickup rate over the past 6 months using a local dialer vs. pickup rate using your company's number?

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Posted 24 days ago by
Cris ValderasRegional Sales Director at RailComm
I'm interested in seeing stats on this also, especially given that the local dialer approach is probably universally reviled by prospective customers. 
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24 days ago

Sahil MansuriCEO at Bravado
I don't think this is a statistical question Sam Schooley , but a philosophical one:

1. Trust in sales is crucial. 
2. Salespeople are generally distrusted.
3. Do we really want to continue to use spammy tactics that may, in the short run, improve sales results...but will ultimately lead to distrust from buyers?

The sooner we get rid of tactics like th...
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23 days ago

Becc HollandHead of Sales Development @ at
Completely agree with Sahil Mansuri here - Localized dialers  initiate your relationship on a lie. I think it has an underlying tone of eroding rapport with your buyer. Full disclosure though - This is just my opinion, but no stats to back it up. 
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19 days ago

Alicia GundermanSenior Account Executive at MRCC Solutions
I too am interested in this response - coming from a different angle. My satellite office was provided with phone numbers from our HQ across the country and we are trying to make a case for them to issue us local numbers instead because we are in fact local. Thoughts/stats on that? 
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16 days ago

Kevin MagyarAgency Account Executive at Winmo
I agree with you Alicia.  Having an authentic local number makes a ton of sense.  It's when you spoof the area code to trick the prospect it becomes shady, in my opinion.
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15 days ago

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