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What types of touches are best after initial outreach? Linkedin? Calls? Emails?

Last session you mentioned you prefer an email approach that's heavier on the backend. Ex: day 1, 8, 13, 15, 17, 18, etc...

What would these touches be?

All emails or would some be calls, LI requests, or other touches instead?

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Becc HollandHead of Sales Development @ at
I do a mix of omnichannel in my sequences. Always heavier in terms of volume on the back end. If I am more aggresive on the front end and dissipate on the back end, you are teaching your prospect that if they just hold on long enough, you'll go away. If you're more aggressive on the back end, they know who you are from the light touches you had...See more
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4 months ago

Sahil MansuriCEO at Bravado
Wow this is super helpful Becc, thank you for sharing!
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4 months ago

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