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Compassion fatigue is real.

Actual fatigue is real.

It's okay to be tired. It's okay to take some time for self-care so you can run the marathon and not burn out in a sprint.

As tired as I am - the past week has also lit a fire under my a$$ because I'm seeing more clearly than ever how tired other people are. They've been fighting battles I thought I appreciated but I now know...that wasn't enough.

Thank you Nikki Ivey, Larry Long Jr, and Galem Girmay for taking the time to share some bits of your experience with me.

I respected you all before. That respect is so much deeper now because I cannot imagine how tired you (and all other #black #sales pros) are doing your jobs, taking on the emotional labor of educating your friends and colleagues on demand, and you

So #ThankfulThursday - thank you again to each of you (and everyone else sharing stories, educating and advocating on here).

Don't take your foot off the gas. We've got a ways to go.

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