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Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

Einstein once said.

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

I feel the same can be said of activity and practice in sales.

So many reps massively undervalue what consistent activity and practice will do over time.

If I simply make 10 more dials per day than you.

Across a month that 200 extra.

Quarter 600 extra

The year 2400 extra

2 years 4800 extra dials.

And also during that time, I practice 1x per day, while you practice 1x per week.

That's 4 extra per week.

16 per month.

192 EXTRA practice sessions per year.

Let's assume during those I'm getting 10 repetitions of a certain skill

That is 1920 extra repetitions on the path the mastery.

Other places compounding can be amazing.

-- Asking for referrals

-- Reading 2 books a month.

-- Seeing mentors

-- Saving money for travel, education, or retirement.

The problem is so many reps, and just people in general play the peaks and valleys.

High activity one day, low the next.

Practice sometimes, but not always.

Read 1 book then stop.

The key is to let your effort compound.

Hours turn into days, weeks, years, then life.

The difference between a massively successful career and a mediocre one truly can come down to the little things.

Done day in.

Day out.

Compound effect.

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