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Confession: My Quarantine Wine supply has been depleted 😭😬

But my Sales Community Cup runeth over. 😊🍺

Last night Scott Leese and Justin Welsh hosted a virtual happy hour that delivered as much emotional value as it did real and raw takes on the state of sales affairs and how to endure.

Things I learned:

  • Justin has thee cutest dog in all of sales and marketing. Don't @ me.
  • There's no absolute right way to win in these times beyond playing the long game and being human.

Things I knew going in that were delightfully reinforced:

  • You can be wildly successful at sales without being money motivated- See J. Welsh
  • Scott Leese ain't here to tell you what you wanna hear, but he is here to tell you what you need to hear to get better.

If you attended, let's connect and I'll see you next time 😃

If you missed it, don't do that again and I'll see you next time. 😃

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