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Crumpled Letters in Action

I decided to cheat today and let you see the Letter Campaign in action as used by a loyal member of The Sales Rebellion.

This is an outside rep so he is delivering the letters through a cadence we created (included in the campaign when you purchase it).

I want you to understand that we give guidelines and pre-written copy but we highly encourage you adapt your own message into said guidelines.

That’s exactly what this rep did.

Which turns this tool into a curious and personalized outreach method.

But, if you were an SDR/BDR or remote AE, you’ll see we also include designs for the envelopes so you can still give your prospects an experience.

The real question here remains to be answered.

Are you going to be the next success story?

You’ve seen my comment section on other posts about this outreach tool.

4/5 appointments set.

12/20 appointments set.

1/1 on a highly targeted prospect.

This is a fundamental prospecting concept created by The Sales Rebellion.

It goes along with our R.E.A.S.O.N. Curriculum which is our guideline on prospecting.

Want yours?

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