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CTA to read white papers?

What's your go to CTA for asking prospects to read a white paper or an article?

Kevin Mei
Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
Hi Kevin!! Great question - What' s important about whitepaper downloads, from my perspective, is that you're viewing them as normal outbound leads with a little more buyer readiness.  I would open with your "premise" as your whitepaper download for context, transition with "but more importantly and flip to your personalized outbound reason.  ... See more
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Jonathan Ivanco
Founder & CEO at Modacta
I'm not sure I follow. White papers are usually cherry picked companies with results that prove your product works, they aren't all that amusing to most people unless it's a whitepaper about a competitor of mine, then I'm happy to read it. An article, if done correctly can work, but it really needs to be tied to a cadence that makes sense why you w... See more
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