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Dad's Painting

Every morning, my Father walked into his office and sat under an epic looking painting that resembled an ancient piece of parchment paper with a quote written onto it.

On the day he sold the business he passed that painting down to me.

Now that he’s passed I cherish it more than anyone could ever know.

The words cause it to be one of the most challenging and eye opening quotes on this earth, in my opinion.

Just how my Father liked it, and the feeling is mutual.

There are more versions of it than I can count on the internet. But the one on the painting moves me the most.

“On the plains of hesitation, bleach the bones of countless millions who on the verge of victory sat down to rest and, while resting, they died.”

Are you this quote?

How motivated are you keeping yourself?

Have you sat down to rest?

Being intentional in your walk is one of the most important actions you can take.

This is the concept of rising up above the mediocre outlook that this world tends to force upon us.

Having a rhythm that starts when you wake.

Doing what is necessary, not what is popular.

Not just going the extra mile, running it at full speed with your entire body engulfed in flames.

This is what it means to be a part of The Sales Rebellion.

Will you join us?

#ChangeTheGame #B2B

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