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Daily Success Checklist for Sales

1. Practice Gratitude every morning - 3 things, at least 2 of them new every time.

2. Have call list READY - No bigger impact to the day then having the list of people you're calling and why already written out (yes I mean written, not just in SFDC tasks)

3. Work in bursts - Call 10. Take a break. Call 10. Take a break. But stay on 1 task at a time through out the day.

4. Practice - Every. Single. Day. Get your practice in. Practice with peers, practice with managers, but actually practice. Get your repetitions in.

5. Take great notes - in SFDC, but not just what happened, but also what needs to happen next. Stop trusting your memory.

6. Review your calls - 1 good one and 1 bad one. What can you learn from each.

7. Research the prospects problems - Always be learning more about your industry, not about your product, but about the problems your prospects have.

8. Read Something - Read a book on sales, on leadership, on mindset/goals, on psychology, but do it every single day.

9. Review the day - What went well, where could you improve?

10. Prep for the next day, get your list ready, prepare your follow up's, have it all blocked on your calendar.

I promise you, you do this for 30 days , your results will go up.

Do. It.

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