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Daily Success Checklist for Sales

1. Practice Gratitude every morning - 3 things, at least 2 of them new every time.

2. Have call list READY - No bigger impact to the day then having the list of people you're calling/demo'ing and why written out (yes I mean written, not just in SFDC tasks)

3. Work in bursts - Call 10. Take a break. Run a demo. Take a break. But stay focused on ONE task at a time throughout the day.

4. Practice - Every. Single. Day. Get your practice in. Practice with peers, practice with managers, but actually practice.

5. Take great notes - in SFDC, not just what happened, but also what needs to happen next. Keywords they used. Stop trusting your memory.

6. Review your calls/demo's - 1 good one and 1 bad one. What can you learn from each.

7. Research the prospect's problems - Always be learning more about your industry, not about your product, but about the problems your prospects have.

8. Read Something - Read a book on sales, on leadership, on mindset/goals, on psychology, but do it every single day.

9. Review the day - What went well, where could you improve?

10. Prep for the next day, get your list ready, prepare your follow up's, block it on your calendar.

Do this for 30 days, your results will go up.

I dare you.

LDOM - Let's go!

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