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Denis @ Finagraph 

Hello everyone - I'm glad to be part of this community and I'm excited to be learning from one another!

I am originally from Romania and moved to the US in high school. Now I am based in Seattle.

After having worked for larger financial companies during the past couple of years, I realized that I needed to be in a different environment if I wanted to achieve the career goals I had in mind for myself. I knew that I would fit in really well in a fast-paced environment, where things change quickly. Being part of a team that is obsessed with learning, continuous improvement and challenges the way in which things have always been done felt like a place where I belonged. I knew then that the best place to find such an environment would be at a startup.

I started my first job in sales job earlier this year after graduating from the first cohort in Flockjay.

For the past half year I've been working as an SDR. mostly with SMB accounts by selling cash flow forecasting software to accountants.

I have a lot more to learn as an SDR, especially ways in which I can improve the way I do cold calls, learn how to persuasively negotiate, handle objections, better structure meetings and run demos. I understand that sales is learned by doing and through experience but I would appreciate any tips and best practices from people who have done things that have been working really well for them. I really enjoy attending webinars and local events focused on ways to improve and maximize your sales strategies and time.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to connect about the accounting and financial services industry, what's been working really well for me so far as an SDR - and also about other interests like photography, soccer and international travel.

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