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Dialing ≠ Dollars 

In one of my sales jobs we had to report our calls and meetings from the previous day every single morning in the team huddle.

I always thought it was more for shaming those that didn't hit their numbers, plus the vanity for some to show off what they did.🙄

We had to make +75 calls a day, even if you hit your meeting number. I'd normally hit my meeting number by early afternoon, so I had this list of companies I knew never answered their phones and I'd call them to fluff and pad my call count...

See if I tried to get more meetings, because I took my time to research accounts, I'd only get about 50 calls for the day. And that simply wasn't acceptable, because I clearly wasn't putting in the right effort...😅

So there I was, the #1 rep, doing fake dials all afternoon to hit my +75 calls instead of actually trying to get another meeting.

It was amazing to me how something that probably started out as a good idea turned into this warped, pointless waste of time.

If you're a sales leader check yourself today and make sure you haven't lost sight that the whole point is to make money, not dials.

And if you're in one of these activity based sales jobs where the dials and meetings have become more important than the scoreboard, just know that's NOT how high performing teams work.

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