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Did your prospect reject you?

That’s awesome, they just saved you so much time!

Not every prospect you talk to is someone you should be doing business with (shocker, I know).

Your time and resources are finite (please respect yourself!).

The faster you realize it’s not a good fit, the sooner you can focus on the accounts that are.

The Pareto principle comes in handy. 20% of your business will generate 80% of your outcomes.

It’s not perfect, I know I know, though when you stop chasing down every prospect and get focused on the ones that are good fits, you’ll close more business and have fewer grey hairs… maybe

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Really appreciate the paradigm shift here Chris. We're typically attached to "winning the business" so getting a rejection is considered a negative. Wrong thinking. Jettisoning our attachment to "winning the business" and accepting outcomes as they are help us get out of our own way in pursuit of new business. 
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