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Discussion Post: Week of 6/1/2020

Hey Ya'll!

Welcome to June! Time to start all over again...from scratch.

We had a pretty awesome May but there's not much time to celebrate. Sometimes it feels like the responsibility is gonna swallow me whole.

I had a moment where I got kind of curt with a friend and family member after a bad meeting. Had to meditate and apologize.

Lesson: It's better to own up, apologize and try to be better than to let things sit. Something I'm working on.

Hopefully can get outside later tonight.

How's everyone doing so far this week??


Patrick Michael
Sales Enablement & Training at None
Stephen Chase
Sales Operations Lead at Operatix
After a long and brutal May, I think I might have found some change-ups that could start some dope conversations with prospects. 

Got an exciting opportunity related call tomorrow, and the gym opened up so finally get to get back on my workout grind! (while staying safe and socially distanced of course..) 

Ryan Zadrazil
SDR at OneMarket Sales
In the midst of a pandemic and civil unrest, I booked 7 meetings today. This month is off to a great start!
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