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Do It because it’s right, not so they’ll like you.

We have this funny thing in sales about wanting to be liked by the prospect during the sales process. We incorrectly assume that if we’re liked we will win the deal.

Sorry to burst your bubble this morning, but you’re missing a great big portion of the picture.

Doing right by your prospect trumps being liked. Ensuring to deliver the best possible solution because you have a deep understanding of their business supersedes being liked.

If you aren’t willing to ask the hard questions, to respectfully challenge their thinking, all in the name of being “liked.” You’re doing your prospect a disservice.

That is what it means to be a true sales professional. Of course, you’ll recommend the competition sometimes because they are truly the better fit (shocker, though it happens).

Doing what’s right versus being liked isn’t mutually exclusive, though if you had to prioritize one, what one would you choose and why?

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Chris von Huene
Account Executive at Xerox
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