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Do you know why #sales reps job hop?

Because it is the BEST decision you can make. 🀯

Sales professionals job hop because it gets worse to be a rep at the same company over time:

1. Existing rolodex - If you switch to a new company in the same industry, you get to take all of your existing contacts and sell to them fresh. Once you've spent those chips, you gotta rely on new inbounds / outbounds. No more in-network relationships to rely on. 🀝

2. Comp plan πŸ“‰ - Companies make comp plans worse over time. They overpay at first (especially at a startup), then start reigning in cost of sale. So you make less for selling more!

3. Shrinking territory - Same thing here. At first, sell to everyone! Now, sell to northern Nebraska. No thanks. πŸ‘‹

4. Increasing HR / Legal / Compliance - Small orgs are willing to do whatever it takes to help the rep close deals. Everyone works in service of revenue. This makes sense, as the company is trying to survive. But afterwards, they are playing defense. Protecting, scaling, templating, structuring... all of which means more red-tape and BS to deal with.

Sales reps switch jobs frequently because the incentives are set up for them to do so.

So if you want to fix turnover, fix the system.




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